Saturday, September 17, 2016

Labor Day on Lake Keowee

We had the super happy opportunity to join our good friends on their boat for Labor Day. It was a beautiful day and we all took turns on their beloved "Super Mable" tube. Yes, you heard that right, we ALL took turns, including me (usually the party pooper)! Sure, my turn lasted approximately 5 minutes and Soren was right next to me so you can imagine how hard core the ride was, but I was on and I made B take a picture so it was totally bonafide.
Speaking of Soren, he was a trooper! Usually we go swimming at these folks' house, so the whole time out, he kept asking "Please we find the pool now?" Luckily (?), he'd had a rough night the night before and went from Mable-ing to questioning to sagging to full-on sleeping about halfway through the outing.
I took a bunch of tubing pictures, but turns out they all look about the same and this was the best of the bunch. Both Zane and Annie had an absolute blast, tubing and falling (Zane) and tubing and falling (Zane) and tubing and ....well, you get the picture. 
We feel so grateful to our friends for inviting us to enjoy the beauty of our area in this way. Until next time!

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Guess who finally got to go to preschool this morning?!
He's a honeybee. He can't be more excited. When I asked what he thought he might do his first day, he said, "Maybe make honey?!" 
He will go twice a week for real, then one more time with me as music teacher's kid.  He's got his Mariokart backpack and he is READY.
He's also super darling and I love him to bits.
Oh, and here we are afterwards, with his first take-home activity. Honeycombs, anyone?
Hooray for onward and upward!
Oh, and speaking of onward and upward, we said goodbye to our red car this morning after 11 years of running it into the ground.
See that fellow in the passenger seat there? He was six teeny months old when we got this car. He's a little sad, but I'm pretty sure all will be well once he can spread out in the backseat of the Sienna.
(Yes, you heard right. I can't wait for extra seats! Now when you come visit, we will actually be able to transport you around! Imagine it!)

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Disc Golf and BBQ for a Birthday

Zane, he has to deal with a lot with B and I as parents. I think we've told him he could have a birthday party for the last two years in a row, then just "never got around" planning anything. Bums! Sorry Zane! 
This year, if things would have been left to me, I fear we would have had another repeat performance. Turns out, birthday parties aren't my thing! Luckily for Zane, his dad really likes disc golf and bbq. AND his dad was going to have to be out of town for the actual birthday, so was feeling a little EXTRA guilty. Lo and behold, two and two together make a birthday party sometimes! 
Brandon really came through this time, in fact. After the idea was formed, he worked with Z to get emails/write an invite (holy moly, asking middle schoolers to get other middle schoolers' parents' emails is almost worse than planning a birthday party), and he even managed to buy water bottles and frisbees before the day of the party! I know! 
The day wasn't without its hiccups. Annie ended up having Nutcracker rehearsal RIGHT SMACK in the middle of the party, in Seneca 30 minutes away. So, after dropping her off early, I raced back over to be part of the welcoming committee ("Hi, nice to meet you, now pose!"):
 Lucky for them, I could only stay long enough to witness/photograph the first toss before me and the 4 year old turkey pants (who literally RAN every time I pointed the camera in his direction, see below, hence the label) had to be back on our way over to the ballet studio.
 B had to recruit help for the transportation of boys from the disc course to Smokin' Pig, and it turned out to be his helper's birthday as well! What a nice fellow down there in black, and I'm told there were a few birthday selfies taken. I'll have to request and add them in.  
 I have to switch gears just a bit here. I had this perfect moment at the studio where Soren was doing his thing he always does there JUST as Annie was doing her thing she always does in the room beyond. The girls were taking turns LEAPING in the front of the circle, so I had a couple of chances to try and catch her in motion. As for Soren, he's always in motion.
Be still my mommy heart, sweet Annie girl! So glad letting her participate in ballet is easier than planning birthday parties!

 When Annie's rehearsal was over, we sped over to Smoking' Pig, where the boys had just arrived and were ordering deliciousness. Stars aligned, hooray! Kids ate (and even ordered different then shared sides, so they could all have a taste of the different bits of happiness that is sides at the Smoking' Pig--who are these brilliant young men?), I took blurry pictures, everyone was happy.
Happy birthday, Z Ross Awesome Sauce! Thank you for not being the jokester in this last picture! That alone might score you another birthday party. :) As long as your Pops will plan and carry it out. Disc golf and bbq again next year, anyone?

Just after Sunrise

I'm a moments person.  Music, art, nature; there is such palpable beauty in the moment of observance. 
Oo, I feel deeply sometimes.
Luckily, most of the moments I'm feeling most deeply at the moment feel like this picture above.
Morning, just after sunrise: fresh, hopeful, not yet too muggy or humid. 
(Taken after getting home from walking Annie to school. My neighbors must think I'm such a strange character!)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Weekend Mountain Biking

On Saturday, Brandon got a last-minute request to help a favorite fellow move his family just northwest of us. As in, North Carolina, you know, it's cool. Brandon and Zane took their mountain bikes and were able to get in a {real, mountain} bike ride in the, ahem, mountains nearby. 
B is not sure how he lucked out to have a kid interested in both swimming AND mountain biking, his own two favorite activities, but we'll take it! Here are just a few pictures from their ride.
Mushrooms! I love how one is untouched and the other is, well, snacked on a bit. Munch munch.
Schoolhouse falls, one of the highlights of the ride. Waterfalls crop up all over the place here, it's really cool.
 I'm thinking Zane might have wanted to combine swimming and mountain biking at that instant and jump IN to schoolhouse falls, but he didn't. Drier ride home that way, but only slightly. It's so humid here!
 And how about this guy? Holy beehive!
Thanks to B for the pictures. Happy memory.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

1st Day Pictures

How about my big kids? Annie going into 3rd grade and Zane into 6th, which is middle school here! 
The only thing that seems to remain constant is my poor choice of picture location. It's too dark on the front porch in the mornings, Michelle. Find another location!
This year brings changes to the routine. Zane will get dropped off at the middle school by his Pops, both of them out the door by 7:15am (snort! That's my surprised mocking scoff!). Annie will be the only member of the family representing at the elementary school, until Soren joins her for kinder next fall. She's on the other side of the school with the big kids, but is happy to already be well acquainted with her teacher, who was across the hall in 1st grade. Since school has begun, Annie has been even more chatty than normal. It seems school brings out the social butterfly in our lady, and she goes on and on (and on) about her day and her friends and her activities and her teachers for those and the kids on the playground and..well, you get the idea.
Zane, so far, has remained the chill, logical Zane we all know and love. He doesn't like the first few days of school, but realizes why teachers have to do it. He has some familiar kids in classes, but realizes he will have to make new friends as well. It's been a bit dull, all his non-drama. :) He IS itching to get back in the pool though. Counting counting counting the minutes until he can get back in and SWIM.
And Soren stays home for a few more weeks until Preschool starts (after Labor day). He will be in the honeybee class. "Does that mean I will make honey all day?" Here's a sweet picture of him and Gramps to end today with. He asks daily when we're going to go back to Gigi's house. We all kind of wonder that.
Onward and upward we go!

Home Again + Party at the Lake

Annnnnnnnnnd we're home (thanks to Annie for this great out-the-airplane-window capture).
Just in the nick of time too, as school time and all its chaos has already begun and we are right back in the swings of things! However, after a really chill and rejuvenating summer, I'm happy to report that we all seem up to the task(s) so far. (Don't remind me that we're only 4 days in.)
After we returned home, but before the dreaded alarm clocks started going off before 7am, we snuck in a birthday party for one of Annie's favorite dance buds. This fella is an absolute jewel, and we feel very fortunate to have him around for partnering in ballet.
 The party was at picturesque spot on the lake, where the kids enjoyed the warm water and I remembered what humidity feels like. 

 We also enjoyed ICEE POPS (some more than others!) and cupcakes and just being in a beautiful spot on our last Saturday of summer.
My dad has gotten into a certain art app (Prisma) and I was stoked to send him a picture of where we were, knowing he would immediately be able to turn it into a work of art. He totally came through.
 Can you spot Annie? Yeah, me neither. But she was there and so were we (not pictured, doesn't make much of a difference here does it?) and it was a happy afternoon.