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HHI, Part Three

Saturday found Brandon in meetings at his conference and the rest of us AT THE BEACH. Say no more, right? Z literally spent HOURS on his body board that day. I couldn't believe his stamina. However, I spent about 5 minutes out there with him catching waves and IT WAS SO FUN, so I got it. Annie split her time between the waves and the sand, the older and the younger.  WE. JUST. LOVED. IT. We went home in the afternoon, and the littles and I rested while B took Z BACK out to the waves. Hours and HOURS, folks. Amazing. After they got home, we got ready for the last family event of the conference, and got ourselves there by way of a couple of bicycles built for two (finishing on the beach!): Brandon had just a bit of fun, as showcased below. The dinner was yummy, and we knew it was about time to head home because we were all a little sunburned!  We switched partners for the ride home. Super lovely evening! Once we got back to the condo, the boys stayed home while B and I took Annie f…

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