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Easter + Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday was glorious this year. We stayed in town, but the choir DIDN'T sing, so we didn't have to go early to church, just the normal (read: easier) time. The Hallelujah Chorus was played with love on the organ and I sat in the audience and smiled. He is risen. :) I got to be the singing lady in Primary (happiness), where we played instruments (Triangle! Maraca! Sandpaper block!) and again sang (somewhat raucously), "He is Risen." Good times, happiest of subjects. After church, we came home and the crockpot roast that I'd forgotten to put in the crock pot before church became the oven roast (because of course I continue to be myself!). We kept our pops awake playing games but then finally, because Soren couldn't take it any longer, we went outside for an egg hunt.  (The above picture seems at first quite ordinary, then kinda pretty, then completely epic to me. My kids, my yard, Easter Sunday, 2017. A memory I'll hold forever because of this single…

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